It is a company dedicated to the INVESTIGATION of crimes in the Pharmaceutical sector, in the actions, attitudes and negative tendencies of the people who act in an irregular way attacking the safety of health. With extensive experience in the field of behavior. We must find and find the motives, procedures and those responsible for criminal or dishonest acts, in addition to advising the different entities or organizations that so request to achieve optimal results.

We act without flaunting, or invading functions that do not correspond to us. Without arrogance and adhering to the law, we will solve the cases that are entrusted to us under the strictest confidentiality.


International Pharmaceutical Research VG SAS has as mission, to offer to all its clients and interested people, the best services of private investigations and commercial information of high quality in the Pharmaceutical market, supplying them with integral information solutions that will help you to make timely and safe decisions, in order to meet the basic security and welfare needs of your company and / or brand. Strengthen the improvement of the quality of life of its human talent and promote technological innovation and the development of new research services.


To consolidate in a short time our company Pharmaceutical Investigations International VG SAS, as the number one in Colombia in the area of ​​private investigation and commercial information regarding crimes against the pharmaceutical sector, achieving international recognition for our excellent services and human quality, highlighting our values ​​of investigative entrepreneurship as professionalism, seriousness, honesty and compliance, in order to maintain a leadership in the market.


Despite the many efforts of laboratories to combat the trafficking of fake medicines, they continue to reach the drugstores and dispensaries in the country. The favorite drugs by the illegal manufacturers are those that have a high value in the market, especially those that are used to treat diseases such as cancer. However, the low cost ones are also falsified due to their high consumption and demand in the market.


We provide you with reliable audits that allow you to know the traceability of the medicines that you acquire and market.

We identify if your pharmaceutical line is being smuggled or counterfeited. We offer training on how to identify fraudulent medicines.


If you want to join this great team write us and leave us your data, we will study your information and we will contact you, ANIMATE.